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ELDOLED DLC40201 DimWheel Colour, wall mount DMX controller

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fits in standard EU wall box

DimWheel Colour

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ELDOLED DLC40201 DimWheel Colour, wall mount DMX controller
DimWheel Colour
The DimWheel Colour features the following operation modes:
for general white LED lighting applications, the 1-channel
mode lets you dim the light and turn it on or off.
for applications requiring colour temperature control, e.g.
mixing warm and cool white light, the DimWheel features a
2-channel mode. In this mode, you can set the colour temperature,
dim the light and turn it on or off.
for static and dynamic full colour applications (RGB and
RGBW/A), the 3- and 4-channel modes offer complete Grad Colour or show control plus dimming and on/off control. Grad Colour control allows you to create any hue and pick a saturation
level for this hue. Show control lets you run a show
in DMX broadcast or chase mode and set the show speed.

Dimming and colour: high control resolution
The DimWheel offers a large dynamic range from 100% down to 0.5%. For most applications, it suffices to have an 8-bit control resolution. In 8-bit DMX mode, DimWheel offers a gamma-corrected dimming curve. The 16-bit resolution guarantees extremely smooth brightness control and fine colour
mixing, making the DimWheel the perfect one-button digital LED dimmer.

USITT DMX512A compatible
One-button on-off/dimming/colour/show control
Operating supply voltage range: 12V-32V DC
DIP switches for configuration, accessible after mounting
External switch interface allows remote show selection
All settings saved to memory when light is switched off or
when a power glitch occurs
Front indicator LED for local show (speed), colour and dim
level feedback

Complete functionality solution offering LED show
sequences, colour, dimming and on/off control
Can be mounted/used like standard household dimmer
Integrated back box and mounting plate simplify total system
setup and installation

Electrical data
Supply voltage: 12-32 VDC, SELV equivalent
Maximum power: 2W
Reverse polarity protected
Processor: eldoLED DimLogic 4400 Series

DIP switches
1 and 2: set the controller for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Grad Channel operation mode
3: toggles between show and color mode
(3 and 4 channel mode only)
4: sets show mode to broadcast or chase
5: sets DMX network resolution to 8 or
16 bit
Grad Connectors
V sup: + and - (2)
External switch input: + and - (2)
DMX in: +, - and shield (3)
LedSync out: +, - and shield (3)

User interface
Encoder type: endless
Ballistic effect: yes

Network control
Network input/output: USITT DMX512A, based on RS485 specification
Output signal update rate: 8ms
Number of network channels: 128
Network resolution: 8- or 16-bit
Communication: bi-directional for configuration and uploading of shows

Operating modes
Dimming: with gamma corrected dimming curve (8-bit resolution)
Colour selection
Show: broadcast and chase
Show speed selection

Environmental ratings
Ta: -20 Grad C ... +60 Grad C (-4
F... +140
Ta storage: -40 Grad C ... +95 Grad C (-40
F ...+203
Relative humidity: non-condensing

Dynamic effects
Control channel 1 - 128: 0 - 100%
Control channel 129 - 256: 0 or 100%

Mounting data
Wall box compatibility: universal EU/UK and US single gang wall box
Fixation DLC40201: fasten with two M3 screws. Choice of 8x M3 mounting hole positions.
Fixation DLC40301: fasten with two #6 tapping screws. 2x 4.5mm/0.177
mounting holes provided.
Faceplate compatibility: EU: universal faceplates (Gira, Busch Jaeger, Berker, Jung), UK: BS4662 compatible faceplates, US: standard single gang duplex receptacle wall plate or coax wall plate (e.g. Cooper,
Leviton, Lutron, Pass & Seymour)
Faceplate fixation DLC40201: M10 nut
Faceplate fixation DLC40301: 2x holes for 6/32 UNC threaded screws
Strain relief: provision for wire straps on both sides (wire straps not included)
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